Embox is a configurable operating system designed for resource constrained and embedded systems.

Embox mission

Embox main idea is using Linux software everywhere including MCUs.

What does it mean?

Imagine, you need a single application in the embedded system, but you want to use some libraries (Qt, OpenCV, etc). In the Linux case, you need high-performance hardware. In Embox case you can use the software as bare-metal including the only required system parts.

In the other words, Embox is util which allows creating a special distributive for your exact purpose. Although there are kernel, network, file system, standard POSIX library etc. you can accurately configure every module. Therefore it will include only those parts that you wish.


You can



Join us

If you would like to participate or have any question, feel free to open an issue on GitHub or leave a message in our group (mailing list embox-devel@googlegroups.com) or telegram chat https://t.me/embox_chat_en

Pull requests are always appreciated!